e-course one:

An Eye for Beauty

A Spiritual Approach to Creating Spaces that Nourish and Inspire


Course Overview:

Trends dominate the home design field today more than ever.  Television shows, websites, paint companies and furniture retailers tell us what colors, shapes, textures and aesthetic we should surround ourselves with in our homes.

The result is a proliferation of homes that all look alike, as one by one we pledge allegiance to trends without regard for our personal taste. We sacrifice our individuality, our bank balances and our environment to stay current with the never-ending cycle of trends. It makes no more sense than wearing the latest celebrity fashion, even though it doesn’t look quite as good on you as it does on the cover of Elle or GQ.

With your eyes, your essence, and your intuition leading the way, you really can gain the self-knowledge and confidence you need to walk a different path in the rooms of your home. You can create a timeless, one-of-a-kind space that expresses who you are rather than what the trends dictate. And this self-knowledge may even reward you with a ripple-out effect that grants you a greater appreciation of the beauty surrounding you far beyond the walls of your home.

The Path

  • Discover the colors, shapes and textures that are unique to your own essence
  • Explore the colors, shapes and textures you repeatedly choose and respond to in your life without being conscious of it
  • Learn what your eye for beauty is attracted to, and begin to trust it
  • Explore your senses as you stand in the moment and listen to your own creative intuition that informs who you are
  • Create beautiful rooms, step by step, guided by the newfound self-knowledge you’ve learned to trust
  • Start to notice and appreciate the beauty that surrounds you every day

To create and live in beauty is a spiritual practice. In developing your eye for beauty, you will be opening the door to a home that nurtures, heals, comforts and inspires. More and more, you will notice the astounding beauty in the world outside, just by stopping for a moment and focusing on your senses.

An Eye for Beauty will guide you through a fun and eye-opening process of self-discovery by addressing a different module every week for eight weeks. The program includes videos, exercises, a workbook, and useful resources and links that will be delivered to your inbox weekly.

At the conclusion of the eight-week program, Linda will host a live, interactive group call to answer your questions and shower you with encouragement as you step into your new life in beauty.

“My eye for beauty flavors everything I do. What I notice on my daily walks in nature. Where I sit in a restaurant. What hotel room I feel comfortable in. What I wear each day. How I wrap a gift. How I present food on a plate. How I paint a painting. And how I respond to the beauty of people I encounter, as well as animals, flowers, trees, sunrises and sunsets. There is astounding beauty in the world if we only stop for a moment and look.”

~Linda Applewhite

e-course two:

Seven Classic Principles of Art

Become a Design Rebel


Course Overview

These days, the Internet, television, and national retailers dictate what our lives should look like. They show us how to replicate the current trends, which are largely designed by people in the business of making money. They sell us paint, furniture, rugs, bedding, fabrics and accessories to fill our homes with what’s “in” at the moment. Many of us blindly follow their lead wanting to fit in, and we live our lives in places that unfortunately look like everyone else’s home. Inevitably, the trend changes and a different style emerges with new styles we’re convinced we must have. Sadly, the environment is left to deal with the debris we discard that the trends say is no longer current. And the cycle begins again.

But you don’t have to follow the herd. You can become a design rebel and find a fresh and original expression in the world – one that reflects you, not the trends. Rather than focus on the latest design styles seen on HGTV, Houzz or in Restoration Hardware, discover the Seven Principles of Art and learn to apply them yourself. With your new toolkit filled with good design principles, confidence, and your personal taste, you can realize your vision and create a truly timeless Artful Home.

The Path

First, you’ll learn the Seven Principles of Art:

  • Composition
  • Balance
  • Color
  • Light
  • Texture
  • Shape
  • Harmony

You will learn how we define these principles, and how to apply each one to make your rooms not only look good, but feel good.

Discover how to create art in your home through the combination of elements that follow the guidelines of these seven basic principles.

Develop an artist’s eye as you re-create your rooms with harmony as your guide every step of the way.

The result

  • A home that looks good and feels good
  • A home that does not follow the trends but follows your eye, essence, and individuality
  • A home filled with beauty and harmony

There is nothing more spiritual and healing than creating and living in beauty – why not come home to your self?

~Linda Applewhite