Become a

design rebel

A 7-week online course for
aspiring artful home designers

Learn how to create a one-of-a-kind home, and design a room like an artist.

Course Overview

Here’s the problem: The design industry makes you dependent upon trends instead of upon your own truth.

These days, social media, television, and national retailers dictate what our homes should look like. HGTV, Houzz, or Restoration Hardware sell us paint, furniture, rugs, bedding, fabrics, and accessories to fill our homes with what’s “in” at the moment.

When we follow their lead, we end up living our lives in homes that look like everyone else’s. Inevitably, the trends change and a different style emerges that we’re convinced we must have, and the cycle – costly to us and to the environment – begins again.

But you don’t have to follow the herd. You can become a Design Rebel and find a fresh and original expression in the world – one that reflects you, not the trends. You can train your eye and refine your own aesthetic sensibilities.

In this 7-week course, join me to learn and apply the Seven Classic Principles of Art.

With your new tool kit filled with good design principles, you will have renewed confidence in your own personal taste and Eye for Beauty.

As a well-equipped Design Rebel, you will realize your vision and create a truly timeless, Artful Home.

Hurrah! Someone has finally stood up to the Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn trendsetters! Thanks Linda for giving us the courage and principles to create what we love.

~Kirby K.

 Make Your Home a Work of Art

Turn your home into a masterpiece. Learn how to translate your Eye for Beauty into rooms that inspire you every day.

The Path

Now that you’ve discovered your Eye for Beauty and learned to trust your creative intuition, you’ll master how to use them together to create a beautiful home. The same principles artists use to create a painting can be applied to home design. You’ll learn how to “paint” a room with three-dimensional objects using the Seven Classic Principles of Art:

    • Composition – How to put a room together and place elements in a cohesive structure
    • Balance – How to work with scale, size, and visual weight in a room
    • Light – How to go against today’s conventional lighting practices to create a beautiful room that feels good
    • Color – How to combine, repeat, and find colors that complement the ones you love
    • Texture – How to combine and repeat textures you love to give a room soulfulness
    • Shape – How to place, repeat, and combine shapes you love in a way that pleases your Eye for Beauty
    • Your Eye for Change – Examine how internal and external shifts happening in your life can be reflected in your home
    • Harmony – How to repeat shape, color, texture, and pattern to unify a room and make your home timeless

When you apply the 7 Classic Principles of Art to your home, it will not only look good, it will also feel good. You’ll develop your artist’s eye as you re-create your rooms with the 7 Principles guiding you every step of the way.

Seven Classic Principles of Art: Become a Design Rebel is a self-paced seven-week course with a new Module delivered to your in-box each week. The class includes inspirational, practical, and fun videos, lessons, exercises, and a workbook based on Linda’s 30 years as a designer and painter.

The Result

  • A home that not only looks good, but feels good
  • A timeless home that follows your own Eye for Beauty, essence, and individuality—not the trends
  • A unique home filled with beauty and harmony
  • A new confidence in your ability to use your Eye for Beauty and creative intuition to create an Artful Home with the Seven Classic Principles of Art
  • The satisfaction of coming home to your self at the end of the day

Recommended Prerequisites
Linda recommends that you take Eye for Beauty: A Spiritual Approach to Creating Spaces that Nourish and Inspire before taking Seven Classic Principles of Art: Become a Design Rebel. In order to design a timeless Artful Home, you need to first open your unique Eye for Beauty.

It took me a while to learn to embrace my own style. It’s so much of what makes a house a home. Thank you for your knowledge.

~Pebbie C.

 Design a Home that Feels Good

An Artful Home not only looks good, it feels good. Use the 7 Classic Principles of Art to create a home you love to live in and share with others.

About Linda

California Home + Design named Linda Applewhite as “one of the most influential designers in the Bay Area.” She is an accomplished artist, writer, and acclaimed architectural designer with 30 years of experience in the design world. The Los Angeles Times called her book, Architectural Interiors: Transforming your Home with Decorative Structural Elements “an eye-opener.” Her design and writing have been featured in numerous national and international publications including House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Travel & Leisure, Elle, California Home & Design, Sunset, Su Casa, BravaCasa, La Mia Casa, and House & Garden Thailand. Her work has also been featured in books such as Casa Bohemia, Extraordinary Homes California, and French Country at Home. She has appeared on television programs such as Food Network’s Ultimate Kitchens and HGTV’s Curb Appeal and Sensible Chic.

Originally from Texas, Linda currently divides her time between her 1929 Spanish home on the San Francisco Bay and her 1930’s adobe in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

There is nothing more spiritual and healing than creating and living in beauty–why not come home to your self?

~Linda Applewhite

 Release Your Artistic Soul

You’re an artist at heart. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t. Gain the skills you need to create a home that is an expression of you.