Come Home to Your Self

Artful Home Design for Creative Souls

Create a home that expresses your truth, not the trends.

When you walk in the door of your home, does it not only look good, but also feel good?
Does the interior reflect who you truly are?

We often think if we follow the latest design trends that our house will feel like our home. But the opposite is true.

Only when you take time to listen to your creative intuition will you know what is beautiful to you. When you access your own unique Eye for Beauty, and combine it with the 7 Classic Principles of Art, you can create a one-of-a-kind, timeless home.

A home that is like no one else’s because the inside of your home comes from inside of you.

I believe every person should live in a home that is a reflection of who they truly are, not a reflection of who national furniture retailers say they are.

The Artful Home e-courses are about more than “decorating”. They will put you in touch with your inner artist and help you express your deepest self through your home’s interior design.

~Linda Applewhite

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An 8-week online course for beauty seekers & soulful home designers

You’ll learn how to follow your truth, not the trends. Beauty Stories, Beauty Lessons, and Beauty Dates delivered to your in-box each week will help you discover your unique Eye for Beauty and trust your creative intuition. When it comes time to design your home, you’ll know exactly what will make your heart sing.

Your deep thinking about design is so unusual and inspiring. You do so much more than just combine the usual elements—you go to the heart of the matter and see the bigger picture.



A 7-week online course for aspiring artful home designers

You’ll learn how to take the same principles an artist uses to create a painting and apply them to designing your home. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to “paint” a room with three-dimensional objects. The result: an Artful Home that is an expression of you.

I love what you say about not following trends!

~Barbie D.

 Be a Truth Dweller

Not a trend follower

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