Jackie and Paul Schaeffer

“We are still amazed at what Linda helped us achieve in our home. She saved us from making an expensive mistake with an overwrought remodeling plan from a high-priced architect, and turned our home’s existing footprint into a layout that works perfectly for us. Linda integrated our art into the entire plan, showcasing each piece to its best advantage. We never dreamed our home could be as comfortable, personal and original as it is – a perfect reflection of us.”

Linda’s Notes

Paul is a business strategy consultant, politics junkie, and vintage car enthusiast. Jackie is a talented writer, traveler, and serial dog rescuer. The two have roamed the world seeking fun, adventure, good food, wine and art. When Jackie is not attending Jackson Browne concerts or Paul speaking at financial conferences, they spend time traveling, cooking fabulous meals for friends and family, and playing with their beloved dog, Rusty.