Follow your truth, not the trends.

An Artful Home is a home that reflects your eye for beauty. Everyone deserves to live with the beauty that’s in their hearts. Beauty is healing and essential to our well-being – my own life is proof of that. You can learn to trust the truth of the beauty that is unique to you, instead of following trends that never last. I invite you, through artfulness, to come home to your self.

Yours in beauty,
Linda Applewhite


Come Home to Your Self

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Be a Truth Dweller

not a trend follower

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Art is not a thing; it is a way.

~Elbert Hubbard

Linda Applewhite’s


“…Her book offers hope for everything, from the cookie-cutter tract house devoid of distinction, to the bare-box bedroom that even the most beautifully embellished homes seem unable to avoid.”

~Candace Ord Manroe, Senior Decorating Editor, Traditional Home