Country Barn Thanksgiving

We’re headed to the Valley of the Moon for Thanksgiving weekend to take a much-needed break from the historic, although occasionally grueling, resurrection of our beloved Golden Gate. If you are interested in our progress on the 100-year-old Spanish Revival property that is recovering from decades of decayed dry rot, icky black mold and ravenous termites, scroll down to take a peek.

Ponderosa Pine Barn

Glowing honey-colored barn

My longtime friend, Stuart, and his partner, Carlos, built a Ponderosa Pine barn on their three-acre property south of the tiny Sonoma County town of Glen Ellen several years ago. Marshall and I have enjoyed many holiday celebrations relishing dishes and pies made by Stuart from the sumptuous vegetables and fruits Carlos has grown in their abundant garden.

Perfect pumpkin patch

A gifted photographer with an amazing eye for beauty, Carlos invited me to view the Thanksgiving barn before the other guests arrived. The huge sliding doors at both ends of the enormous interior space open to the lush adjacent trees. Carlos had embellished the honey-colored freckled walls with cowboy hats, blankets, saddles and fall themed tree branches.

Rangy Table

Rangy table for 18 guests

An impossibly long table was poised between two square posts supporting chunky overhead beams. Carlos enhanced the lanky table with tall candlelit lanterns, crunchy fall leaves, pumpkins, persimmons, pomegranates and earthy green and brown pottery. Two rows of nine armless fawn-colored linen chairs flanked the narrow-planked table welcoming guests to their seats with hand-made name cards at each plate.

Greeters & Guests

Engaging horses

Two handsome and engaging brown and white horses, Taos and Cinnabar, greeted dinner guests as they carried warm platters of food prepared by their hosts from the main house kitchen.

guests mingling in barn with festive table for feast

After 18 guests filled the barn with greetings, food and laughter, I looked around the room to discover beauty in the diversity before me. I was awestruck – black, brown, white, straight, gay, married, divorced, single, widowed, kids, no kids – born in six different countries – Kenya, France, Mexico, Denmark, Norway, and the United States – WOW!


The Feast

Once all the guests had located their seats, friends toasted Stuart’s chunky steaming stuffing, crusty mashed potatoes, crispy lime green Brussels sprouts, two huge mahogany butter-roasted turkeys, and baskets of toasty warm flaxseed, olive and rosemary bread placed upon a saffron colored serving table on the west wall of the barn. Jumbo pitchers of sparkling water and a curated selection of wines from Sonoma and Napa Valley vineyards formed a line down the centers of the rangy wooden tables.

I scanned the faces illuminated with wonder, gratitude and candlelight as we paused, held hands and bowed our heads. “Thank you for this feast – a reverent moment of beauty in our lives. We are grateful for all these amazing people, our loving animals, the beautiful barn, the luscious food and the stunning nature that surrounds us,” followed by a collective “Amen.”


Dessert and dancing

Stuart’s finale of homemade cinnamon laced pumpkin pie, sourdough crusted pecan pie, tart and zesty lemon pie, and fluffy coconut cream pie gave us energy to dance the night away. Music filled the rafters of the barn as fat candles glowed and silver moonlight shimmered on the trees beyond the wide-open barn doors that welcomed in the star-filled night. What an amazing gathering as I witnessed everyone dancing with everyone.

My treasured Toby

I hope you feast on the love in your life this Thanksgiving holiday. Let’s put aside discontent, anger and regret and be grateful for the joy, love and friendships we have and will treasure every day of the year.

Update on Golden Gate

Front retaining wall

Framing is now progressing on the main and upper levels of the house. The front retaining wall is formed and will be filled with concrete to create a curvaceous patio where guests can access the entry door.

Entry stairway

The removal of the ceiling from the previously dark entryway makes the space feel larger and brighter. The stringer of plywood steps outlines the new stairway to the second level where it connects to a balcony on the upper floor. The opening to the descending stairway to the lower level is on the right side of the entry, accessible from an unseen landing.

View from guest suite

This image represents the 8’W x 9’H opening in the new bedroom we added on the main floor. Golden Gate originally had only two small bedrooms upstairs, so we added a third bedroom as a guest suite on the main floor. The curved blue surface in front of the doors will become part of the terrace, and the shimmering blue beyond is the San Francisco Bay in front of Sausalito.

linda holding flower to say thank-you
Thank you

I so appreciate all of you who have followed my work and our journey on this project that has been an extremely challenging process for us. Thanks so much for your kind and gracious comments and incredible support – it means so much! I hope you and your families have a truly wonderful and heartfelt Thanksgiving.

Love, blessings and sincere appreciation,
Linda & Tobywan Kenobe

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  • Kathy higgs

    I recall years ago visiting you with a high school friend Becca. And visiting your friends in their Glen Ellen charmer. Sharing Tapas with a very colorful and fun group. Little did I know that this visit would open many windows of life. Now to watch the resurrection of the beauty. It’s life isn’t it.

  • Joan von Weien

    How wonderful to share this very special holiday with very special people in a memory filled place! You have captured what makes this holiday special…friends, new and old, folks who appreciate the best of all of us! We are all blessed…Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Marla Patterson

    What a fabulous Thanksgiving celebration with wonderful friends! The best. I thinking living in ÇA affords us the opportunity of having pals from many different cultures and isn’t it the best! I love thé potlucks because each dish is so different! And what a location! That barn!!!! Thank you for the reminder to
    be grateful and peaceful and love our way thru this ridiculous division. Linda, I’m grateful for you and your inspiring blog!

  • Norma Pendleton

    Beautiful barn setting.
    The menu that was shared sounds delicious.
    Enjoy this special memory.

    The progress is coming along on your home. Can’t wait to see the final results.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Janice Weickum

    Happy Thanksgiving! What a wonderful description of the Thanksgiving celebration and feast. Magical!

    So happy to see the progress on your home. I can really start to visualize it now. Exciting!

  • Kay Criley

    As alway, Linda, a feast for the eyes, the soul and the imagination! The barn setting is magical, and your Golden Gate Lady is a feast for the imagination. Can’t wait to see her unveiling!
    Happy day after Thanksgiving🍁
    Holiday love,

  • Lynn

    You are such a gifted story teller, Linda – I felt as if I were there at the Thanksgiving feast, filled with food and friendship and music and laughter.

    So wonderful to see the progress on your house. And a kiss for Toby.

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