Exploring Your Eye for Beauty

Vision is the art of discovering the invisible. –  Jonathan Swift

Something invisible is hiding inside that you probably don’t realize you have – your own, one of a kind, unique eye for beauty. I have witnessed this repeatedly over the past 30 years while standing next to people as they make decisions about what the backdrop of their lives will look like.

Where we call home is the place that most profoundly projects the essence of who we are.  And often without even knowing it we select colors, shapes, patterns, textures and objects that express our journey through life.

Don’t Follow the TrendsCustom made Potato Bed by Carl Dern

If we are in touch with ourselves and not robotically following the trends of the day, we choose what connects us to experiences we’ve had, people who’ve influenced us, places we’ve traveled, symbols we’ve cherished, and artwork or objects that for some mysterious reason, we’ve simply fallen in love with.

Country French Meets SOMA Redesign

These pictures were taken in the home of a unique couple, Ellen and Morey Filler, who took a risk in mid-life and sold their country French home in the Presidio Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, giving all their blue and white furnishings and cream-colored ceramic ducks and rabbits to their three children.

I helped them make the bold transition from their elegant traditional home on a hill, where they raised their family, to an edgy space by the Bay Bridge. The San Francisco Chronicle published an article on their unique loft titled Country French Meets SOMA in July of 2001.

Stainless steel spirals support a rustic mantle under a striking PicassoSixteen years later the loft has stood the test of time with its wildly eclectic mix of furnishings, art, and accessories that defy being defined by trends.  This highly engaging and energetic couple are design rebels in every sense of the word, trusting their outrageous eye for beauty they share with joy and enthusiasm.

Morey loves coming home to the loft at night, which he says glows with vibrant reds, golds, blues and greens. He adds that before he met Ellen he was “beige”. Ellen’s artistic eye lends an irresistible playfulness to the space.

Colors, Shapes, Patterns and Textures

The couple’s sophisticated art collection shines throughout the loft as does the whimsical accessories which they have found on their travels all over the world. The space is filled with contrast – juxtaposing rustic country with high tech industrial elements, whimsical furnishings with world class artwork and elegant fabrics with home spun textiles.

Blown glass ducks from GumpsThis unexpected yet current combination of colors, shapes, patterns, and textures timelessly expresses the exuberant and vibrant personalities of the two people who live there.

Daring to follow their creative intuition instead of the current trends, Morey and Ellen still love the unexpected look of their loft which they show off to the surprise and delight of their family and friends.

Become a Design Rebel

Do you dare to become a design rebel and defy the trends with your own unique expression of creative intuition and personal eye for beauty?   Take a risk as did Morey and Ellen, who stand by their radical decision to depart from the herd. Instead, choose to live in a timeless, current and stylish home which defies becoming dated and keeps you young.

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