A Spiritual Approach
to Creating Spaces that

nourish & inspire

An 8-week online course for
beauty seekers & soulful home designers

Trust your creative intuition
Come home to your self

Course Overview

Trends dominate the home design field today more than ever. Television shows, websites, paint companies, and furniture retailers tell us what colors, shapes, textures, and aesthetic we should surround ourselves with in our home. They lead us to believe that we aren’t artistic or creative enough to know how to make our home beautiful. They convince us to listen to their “expert” advice rather than to trust ourselves.

The result is a proliferation of homes that all look alike, as one by one we pledge allegiance to trends without regard for our personal taste.

Worse, we sacrifice our individuality, our bank balances, and our environment to stay current with the never-ending cycle of trends.

Let’s change that.

With your eyes, essence, and intuition leading the way, this 8-week online course led by renowned interior designer, author, and teacher Linda Applewhite; will train you to foster the inner designer’s self-knowledge and confidence you need to walk a different path.

An Eye for Beauty teaches you to see yourself and your home through new eyes.

And this self-knowledge may even reward you with a rippling effect that gives you a greater appreciation of the beauty surrounding you far beyond the walls of your home.

You teach with such soul, insight, and indeed an “eye for beauty!” I can’t wait for the next course!


 Step into Your New Life of Beauty

Does your house feel like it doesn’t “fit” you anymore? When we evolve, our home needs to evolve with us. Find your Eye for Beauty and create a home that expresses the new you.

$149 $99 through the end of the year

The Path

This 8-week course has been elegantly structured and designed to take you from following the trends to trusting your creative intuition and unique Eye for Beauty.

To create and live in beauty is a spiritual practice. In developing your eye for beauty, you will open the door to a home that nurtures, heals, comforts, and inspires. More and more, you’ll notice the astounding beauty in the world outside, just by stopping for a moment and focusing on your senses.

Good design begins with a question: Who are you? An Eye for Beauty will guide you through a fun and eye-opening process of self-discovery by addressing eight different modules at your own pace.


  • 8 modules delivered to your inbox over 8 weeks
  1. The Source of All Beauty – Notice the principles inherent in nature, the ultimate designer and artist of all beauty
  2. Your Eye for Color – Identify the colors in your own nature and your personal one of a kind color palette
  3. Your Eye for Shape – Discover the shapes you are naturally drawn to and learn how they affect the feeling of a room
  4. Your Eye for Texture – Become aware of the textures you like and dislike and why
  5. Your Eye for Pattern – Observe the patterns you gravitate towards and learn which make a room feel best to you
  6. Your Creative Intuition – Understand how to access and trust your inner knowing—the key to all great design
  7. Your Eye for Change – Examine how internal and external shifts happening in your life can be reflected in your home
  8. Your Eye for Truth, Not the Trends – Practice using your Eye for Beauty and creative intuition when you purchase items for your home
  • 8 Beauty Lessons that will inspire and teach you how to find your unique Eye for Beauty and creative intuition
  • 8 Beauty Dates – transformational activities + reflection questions that will help you access your Eye for Beauty and creative intuition
  • Introduction and closing videos with Linda
  • Colorful 85-page PDF workbook
  • One-page Eye for Beauty Shopping Guide worksheet to help you remember to follow your truth, not the trends

An Eye for Beauty is a self-paced course. Shortly after you sign up, you’ll receive an introductory note and the first Module in your in-box. You can begin to discover your Eye for Beauty today!

What You’ll Learn

  • How to follow your truth, not the trends
  • What your Eye for Beauty is naturally attracted to and how to have confidence in its vision
  • The colors, shapes, textures, and patterns you choose repeatedly, often without being conscious of it
  • How to use your Eye for Beauty to purchase items for your home
  • How to access and trust your creative intuition
  • Why as you grow and change your home needs to reflect the new you
  • How at the end of the day to come home to your self

Recommended Prerequisites
Linda recommends that you take Eye for Beauty: A Spiritual Approach to Creating Spaces that Nourish and Inspire before taking Seven Classic Principles of Art: Become a Design Rebel. In order to design a timeless Artful Home, you need to first open your unique Eye for Beauty.

Linda taught me to slow down and look more closely at colors, shapes, textures and patterns, so I can truly understand what appeals to me.


 Live in a Home that Feels Right

When you follow the trends, you can end up in a house that feels like it belongs to someone else. When you follow your Eye for Beauty, your home will feel like you.

$149 $99 through the end of the year

About Linda

California Home + Design named Linda Applewhite as “one of the most influential designers in the Bay Area.” She is an accomplished artist, writer, and acclaimed architectural designer with 30 years of experience in the design world. The Los Angeles Times called her book, Architectural Interiors: Transforming your Home with Decorative Structural Elements “an eye-opener.” Her design and writing have been featured in numerous national and international publications including House Beautiful, Traditional Home, Travel & Leisure, Elle, California Home & Design, Sunset, Su Casa, BravaCasa, La Mia Casa, and House & Garden Thailand. Her work has also been featured in books such as Casa Bohemia, Extraordinary Homes California, and French Country at Home. She has appeared on television programs such as Food Network’s Ultimate Kitchens and HGTV’s Curb Appeal and Sensible Chic.

Originally from Texas, Linda currently divides her time between her 1929 Spanish home on the San Francisco Bay and her 1930’s adobe in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

My Eye for Beauty flavors everything I do. What I notice on my daily walks in nature. Where I sit in a restaurant. What hotel room I feel comfortable in. What I wear each day. How I wrap a gift. How I present food on a plate. How I paint a painting. And how I respond to the beauty of people I encounter as well as animals, flowers, trees, sunrises and sunsets. There is astounding beauty in the world if we only stop for a moment and look.

~Linda Applewhite

 Trust Your Creative Intuition

Do you hold back from designing your space in certain ways because it seems too weird, colorful, or off-trend? Or because you don’t trust yourself ? Be brave. Express yourself. Surround yourself not only with what you think is beautiful but what you feel is beautiful.

$149 $99 through the end of the year