Honoring Spring

With the coming of spring, I am calm again.

– Gustav Mahler

As I padded down to the kitchen this morning in my gray wool socks and red flannel cat pajamas to pour a cup of white rose tea, I was surprised by a mysterious radiance peeking through the patio doors. I wasn’t expecting light or warmth after months of cold, rainy, dreary, charcoal gray mornings, but there it was.

I pulled back the fabric panels and pushed open the double French doors that have been shut tight since October. Delicate golden clouds hovered over smoky blue mountains above the calm blue waters of the San Francisco Bay. I took a deep breath of the warm, fragrant air and smiled. Suddenly the mood of the world had changed.

Let in Light

To my surprise, the fabric panels bordering the patio doors mimicked elements of nature.
To my surprise, the fabric panels bordering the patio doors mimicked elements of nature.

I pulled on jeans, a sweater and boots, and hurried to let in more light, fresh air and bird songs. I filled empty outdoor urns with orange tulips from our dinner party. Then I headed to our overstuffed garage in search of faded and worn-out pink, gold and green cushions that I inserted anyway in the seats of eight rusty wrought iron chairs on the patio.

Fabric Reflecting Nature 

I'm a sucker for whimsical curves and anything displaying nature's extraordinary design skills.

As I pulled the drapes back to expose more light, I stopped in the moment and looked closely at the fabric I chose years ago. To my surprise, the textile mimicked elements of nature, displaying fuzzy frond shapes embellished with embroidered olive-green stems and nodes. Stitched between feathery leaf designs were unfurling fiddlehead fern fronds that looked just like the ones in our garden. I’m a sucker for any shape that curves in a whimsical manner and displays nature’s marvelous design skills.

[Quick design tip: This type of elaborately detailed fabric is typically not inexpensive, so to save on cost, my trick here was to buy only enough to have narrow panels made. The gathered panels appear to cover the full width of the doors, but actually do not.]

The Red Sofa

Arms of the red antique sofa repeated shapes in the fabric of the door panels behind.

Then in celebration of spring, I decided to open the second set of French bi-fold doors in the living room, something I rarely do. Here, the curvaceous arms of an antique red sofa spread like wings in front of the fabric panels behind.

The creamy sticthed floral design in the red sofa fabric also related in color and feeling to the drapes.
The creamy sticthed floral design in the red sofa fabric also related in color and feeling to the drapes.

I was surprised again when I realized the delicate cream-colored stitching in the red sofa fabric I also selected years ago replicates the whimsical feeling of the green embroidery on the door ensemble and harmonizes with the neutral background of the draperies.

More Floral Designs

The antique sofa in the middle of the great room separates the living and dining rooms.

A broader perspective from the dining room displays yet another floral fabric on a second sofa, which separates the two living areas of the great room. An antique French provincial table with curved apron and legs facing the dining room provides additional separation and repetition of curvaceous shapes.

The floral fabric on the central sofa repeats the shapes and colors in the great room's flooring, walls, rugs and furnishings.

The sofa’s large-scale floral design on cotton linen contains elegant shapes of flowers, leaves and stems in various shades of red, green, gold, pink, apricot and brown. This central element serves to pull the room together through the repeat of its shapes and colors in the room’s flooring, rugs, walls, furnishings, window treatments and accessories.

Between the Two Doors

A rustic, hand-painted blue, gold and orange Brazilian armoire grounds the center of the great room.

The rustic, colorfully painted, handmade armoire at the end of the sofa grounds the center of the great room. The Brazilian piece, with rusty terra cotta details on its base, corners and crown, combines blue, gold and orange to both contrast and harmonize with the living room’s warm palette. From its aspect between the two openings to the patio, the armoire’s touches of blue repeat the color of the bay and the Marin Headlands in the distance.

Loving Blue

The old Oushak rug in the living room brings the outside in and the inside out.
The old Oushak rug in the living room brings the outside in and the inside out.

Although I grew up in the Southwest and love warm colors, I broadened my palette when I moved into our old cottage on a tiny island surrounded by blue. Not only the water of the bay, but the hills and mountains bordering it, and even the fog that comes in under the Golden Gate Bridge all contain shades of blue that I now find irresistible.

Living by the San Francisco Bay broadened my traditionally warm color palette to include blue.

I found an old colorful and worn Turkish Oushak rug for the living room with an orange, red and gold geometric design on a magnificent blue background. I love the combination of colors and shapes woven into the thick course texture embellishing the floor, especially the blue that brings the outside in and the inside out.

I show these various images and close ups of the elements in my great room to demonstrate how combining all the disparate things that you love can work together in harmony by repeating shapes, colors, textures and patterns. I learned this principle years ago from the true Master of Design – Nature.  Good design repeats itself has been my mantra ever since.

Honor Nature This Spring

The view from your windows may still be white, but when the snow melts and the calm of spring arrives, take some time to appreciate and honor the change of seasons. Nature is truly the source of all beauty!

Nature is truly the source of all beauty and design. So take time to stop and appreciate spring flowers.
Nature is truly the source of all beauty and design. So take time to stop and appreciate spring flowers.

Happy spring, everyone – and thanks so much for reading my blog!

For the love of nature,

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  • Beth Ann Whiteley

    Happy Spring, Linda! We love following your blog and this one brings fond memories of sharing meals at your lovely home🧡 please give our best to Marshall as well.
    Beth + Peter Whiteley

  • Courtney Eskridge

    Linda- Thank you for sharing your heart and home with all the people who enjoy being inspired by you. Please continue to show your dwelling as it gives such a visual delight and motivation to create a lovely atmosphere in where one lives.

  • julie

    You can always spot a Linda Applewhite room. Beautiful! Even here on Lake Michigan the sun is brighter. Everything looks happy. Wonderful day. Love your updates.


  • Jane Hartling

    I have spring fever, too, here in the Southwest. Linda’s rooms are so inspiring! I love warm colors and have recently added a bit of Southwest turquoise/teal; I was tentative about the new color, but, after enjoying Linda’s blues, I am emboldened!

  • Jody Serritella

    Happy Spring Linda!!

    I truly love your inspiration!
    Spring brings a new energy
    With it and you have captured it with your gorgeous hues of color and textures.
    The last photo I truly love because it showcases my favorite thing in your home. TOBY!! He’s so adorable and he looks as if he’s saying, “spring has sprung!”
    Thank you always for your creativity!
    Jody, Willy and GiGi the Brussel griffons

  • Danelle Carpenter

    I have a question. I noticed the heavy potted plants just inside the doors and was wondering if you keep them in all year round or do they just come indoors during cooler weather? If so, do you know of an easy way of transporting them? I leave in cold winter weather and have to bring in anything that you don’t want to freeze. I would love to bring in some of my potted plants in large containers, but they are too heavy to handle!

  • Jan

    Thank you for your periodic emails that remind me how much I love color. When I dream about having a home in the southwest (I live in the PNW) my dream includes having a home with your style. And, your garden plants are just lovely.

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