A New Way of Seeing

One brilliant sky-blue day when I was walking the streets of Santa Fe, a wedding procession emerged from the doors of the old Loretto Chapel built in 1878. Smiling broadly while holding hands, the jubilant bride and groom led a long line of well-wishers to the Old Santa Fe Trail in front of the church. There, a humble but beautiful fawn colored burro, stood ready and waiting to lead the wedding procession through the streets of the City Different.

He was dressed for the occasion with a tawny colored basket draped over a colorful blanket on his back, with geometric patterns of orange, red, and blue stripes and diamonds. Yellow, green, red and white tassels edged his festive covering, combined with long burnt-red fringe that nearly touched the ground. Raspberry roses and persimmon colored marigolds amid lime green leaves and stems literally burst from the burro’s basket.

Combinations of Beauty

This assemblage of nature, color, shape, pattern and texture took my breath away that day. What an amazing combination of the elements of beauty that make our world stunning.  My Eye for Beauty E-Course coming this fall focuses on a new way of seeing and experiencing the exquisite life on our planet.

I’m taking a few weeks off from my blog to put the finishing touches on the course. Happy Indian Summer to all of you!  Toby and I will be back in September with our weekly musings on all things beautiful. Stay tuned!

In the love of beauty,

Toby and Linda Applewhite
Me and the pig need a vacation!
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  • Sue Vadasy ( Beth Whiteley’s mother) I met you many years ago in SFO.

    I wish I had a photo of that! Would love it framed in my home.

  • Laura Mirelez

    Love it!! Wishing you and Toby a happy vacation!

  • Laurie Larsen

    You, my dearest Linda, are such an exquisite writer of all things related to beauty!

    Thank you for sharing your eye for beauty. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say in your new E-Course, your unique way of articulating the miracle of life deepens my own appreciation so much.

    Deep bow of respect to you!

  • Maria

    I’m so glad you captured this image. It must have been a darling wedding. I hope this sweet burro is leading a lovely life with its beautiful adornments.

  • Sonia

    What a beautiful and colorful picture! Wish you a lovely and relaxing holiday!💛💛

  • Lynn

    Such a touching and beautiful image, Linda – your eye for beauty and your ability to speak to it is an amazing gift! Thank you for sharing it with us, and I look forward to the E-course.

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