Open the Door to Beauty

“Today’s the perfect day to open a new door and change your life.”

– Anonymous

The day has finally arrived! After months of imagining, creating, conceptualizing, developing and writing my Eye for Beauty e-Course, it is ready for its debut. I have lovingly put my heart and soul into this effort to make it engaging, provocative and meaningful for all of you who are intrigued with beauty and exploring your personal relationship with it.

Is it an overstatement to say that I hope this experience will change your life? Maybe not. To learn to see beauty in the world through new eyes and use that vision to see beauty inside yourself could be a pretty powerful adventure!

A New Way of Seeing

See the world and yourself with fresh eyes.
See the world and yourself with fresh eyes.

I’ve designed the course to be extremely flexible to accommodate all our busy lives. You can register at any time and work at your own pace. Once you register, you will receive several videos and eight weekly assignments containing Beauty Lessons, Beauty Dates and Beauty Insights. There are no deadlines and no pressure to complete one lesson before you receive the next one.

The Beauty Lessons tell my story of following beauty for the past 30 years and the rich lessons I have learned. The Beauty Dates are fun, eye-opening exercises created to help you see the world and yourself in a fresh way. The Beauty Insights are designed to stimulate your responses to what you have learned about yourself through the exercises.

The material is presented in an engaging and creative 85-page Eye for Beauty Workbook delivered to your inbox for you to download and print on your computer. You’ll even receive an Eye for Beauty Shopping Guide.

Creative Intuition

In response to many comments from clients and readers who struggle with trusting their choices, creativity or intuition when it comes to surrounding yourself with beauty in your home, I have devoted an entire lesson to this important subject. The exercises to access your intuition will surprise you, and enable you to get in touch with the inner voice that will guide your unique creative self-expression.

Get in touch with your quiet inner voice.
Get in touch with your quiet inner voice.

Treat Yourself

Nature – the master designer, artist and pattern maker.
Nature – the master designer, artist and pattern maker

Getting up close and personal with nature plays a big part in many of the exercises in Eye for Beauty, and the glorious autumn is the perfect time for it. Nature is the ultimate designer and offers unlimited choices for you to discover what your unique eye sees as beautiful in the world. You will experience first hand how beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, and not in manipulated and manufactured design trends.

Imagine the joy and satisfaction you can have this holiday season by gracing your home with the beauty and inspiration that is all your own. And it doesn’t have to cost you anything except a walk in nature and your own new-found creativity. You really can do it.

A Special Gift for You

Linda & Tobywan-Kenobi
Linda & Tobywan-Kenobi

As a thank-you to those of you who graciously (and patiently!) pre-registered for Eye for Beauty and follow my blogs and newsletters, I am offering a pre-registration price of $99 through the end of October. Beginning November 1, registration will be $149. I could not be more excited about guiding you on this new quest, and please know that I will be standing by to answer all your questions as you progress through the eight weeks.

To view my introductory video, read a detailed course description, and register at the discounted price, please click here.

Eye for Beauty is the first e-Course I have created, and I’ve loved every minute of this journey and what it has taught me. My goal is to help you value the importance of seeing beauty in life all around you and, through this new awareness, see the unique beauty inside yourself expressed in your home.

Toby and I look forward to our journey with all of you!

For the love of beauty,

Toby and Linda Applewhite
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  • Joan

    Sounds like just what I need this year! Looking forward to your e-book, and posts…

  • Pam

    Wonderful timing from The Universe! As I close a life chapter on a 30 yr marriage, I get to explore BEAUTY! I have been so looking forward to this course and learning how to exercise my new Freedom… all areas of my life.
    Thank you, Linda, for your way-showing and sharing your gifts! Blessings all ways!

  • Sandy Hopper

    I attempted to enroll, 3 times actually. Each time PayPal returned this message:

    “We’re sorry
    Things don’t appear to be working at the moment.”


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