Out of the Fog

“Pick myself up, dust myself off, start all over again.”

– Written by Jerome Kern and Dorothy Fields for the 1936 movie “Swing Time”

At first, I was inconsolable hearing the news about Golden Gate.

As I wrote in my last blog, Our Golden Gate Adventure (and I thank all of you for your wonderful comments), I was joyful to finally be ready to begin the long-planned remodel of our treasured 93-year-old Spanish Revival home we call Golden Gate.

The Move

ONE freighter packed high with cargo containers.
ONE freighter packed high with cargo containers.

Since then, I’ve been waist high in boxes, paper and rolls of tape, packing up our home of twenty years in preparation to move just eight minutes away to the other side of town. As stressful, strenuous and mentally exhausting as moving is, I was ecstatic at the prospect of moving ahead.

Linda Applewhite's photo for Mysterious black tanker passes white sailboat as Salesforce building pierces fog.
Mysterious black tanker passes white sailboat as Salesforce building pierces fog.

The Delay

Unfortunately, my ecstasy came crashing down. Among the many obstructions to normal life the coronavirus has plagued us with delays in the functions of our local building department. Just when we thought we were ready to roll, our project approval ground to a halt, and our hopes of starting the renovation this season evaporated. No building permit, no remodel. Now it is late October with our rainy season about to begin, and what already seems like eternity in the making will be postponed until next spring. It felt like the fog descending outside the windows of our temporary apartment was intended just for me.

MCS ship bringing cargo from ports around the world.

Gifts from Adversity

But adversity always brings gifts, and the exercise of downsizing to a smaller space is one I didn’t see coming. I became reacquainted with focus and discipline as I triaged our belongings, giving furniture to friends, donating household goods to charities, and offering a chunk of our collected stuff to The Salvation Army to help others in need. It was a great feeling to lighten up, and I found a lyric from John Lennon’s Imagine playing over and over in my head – and no possessions, too.

Linda Applewhite's image for Suddenly, a big, fat, foggy snake appeared.
Suddenly, a big, fat, foggy snake appeared.

The Silver Lining

And believe it or not, due to the pandemic, we were able to negotiate a great deal on our apartment, which we love. It is bright and sunny, and best of all has no mold, one of the factors that ultimately drove us out of Golden Gate.

Linda Applewhite's image for Morning fog
Morning fog

But what it does have is a long, narrow deck from which to watch the sea-loving world go by in the San Francisco Bay. From sailboats to freighters to fanciful fog, the Bay is busy day and night, and I can’t resist taking pictures, a few of which I’m including here.

Linda Applewhite's image for her new office
My new office


This morning as I write at my black uplift desk surrounded by crisp white walls, familiar art and an orange window shade atop sliding glass doors overlooking the Bay, I know how grateful I am for our little 70s-era apartment on a tree-covered hillside at the end of the Tiburon Peninsula. How fortunate I am to have a clean, dry place to live when so many people are struggling. The project will happen when and if it is meant to. I can feel the fog lifting.

Brilliant reflections
Brilliant reflections

Vote with a New Consciousness

I hope all my readers have voted or will vote soon, as our country needs every one of us to unite in support of our cherished American democracy. Voting has never been more important!

And despite what you hear, the San Francisco Bay still sparkles at night.
And despite what you hear, the San Francisco Bay still sparkles at night.

Please stay safe and healthy, live in gratitude, and take care of those less fortunate. Perhaps that’s what this challenging time is about – raising our consciousness about caring for the earth, nature and all beings that walk beside us.

Love and gratitude to all of you,

Linda Applewhite's signature
A quote from Linda Applewhite's dog Toby
I love the new apartment too - Woof!
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  • Maudie

    Wonderful !!
    Excitement !!
    You sound content & Happy..
    Love the new place..
    As always,xxo Maudie K.

  • Donna

    Love your new office!

    • Donna Buehler

      We love design adventure!! This life moment will bring out the best from your deep, creative well. Live without fear!

  • Eileen Tanfani

    I love reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your words and all the wonderful photos.

  • Olga

    Gratitude gives us such power. Enjoy it!
    Love your office and your puppy❤

  • Courtney

    Linda- Reading this brought me to tears as I feel you are so right in the” silver lining” aspect of these daily trials. It is such a changing,trying time that “one more thing” can seem to tip us over. Thank you for your encouraging,insightful wisdom on forward on!

  • Lynn

    Linda, how wonderfully you have brought your design aesthetic and style to your new digs. There is certainly some joy to lightening the material burden of our lives – even though I’m staying in my house, I find myself divesting more and more of my possessions. You have a unique inside/outside vibe – love the photos of San Fran Bay! Your adventures and how you meet the challenges are always inspiring, thank you for sharing.

  • Barbie Derby

    Lynn, love the magical pictures of San Francisco you shared with us, although I have to say my favorite was Tobywon-Kenobi so precious those big brown eyes and cute little nose. He is a great gift to have during these challenging times. Love and hugs!

  • Alyssa

    I LOVE your office!

    PS: Sometimes the road of life takes an unexpected turn and you have no choice but to follow it to end up in the place you are meant to be.

  • bob lewis

    …listen to linda…vote like your life depends on it because it does…

  • Kimber Hart

    It’s so lovely you found the blessings ! What a lovely little jewel box of a temporary home You have found!
    Be Blessed!

  • Diane

    I can relate to the moving. We completed our move on Oct 2, 2020 from Las Vegas , Nevada to Mesa, Arizona. It took four 16~20ft rental trucks of 43 yrs of our belongings. We donated, gifted, purged lots of things and still arrived in Mesa, AZ to rent 3 storage units. Now we’re starting to sell many of our cherished things to live a simpler life. The desert is very beautiful and the weather is beginning to cool. I’m excited to bring new colors into our home shared with our kids. And we now share a beautiful dog named Pepper. I know your projects are right around the corner and I can’t wait to read & see results. Enjoy every minute!

  • Lisa Wear

    Lovely to see your and Toby’s next chapter Linda. Great read. Miss you, come for a visit in Maui? Hope to see you soon on either side. xo

  • Kay Criley

    “Life is what happens when we have other things planned.” Perhaps you just needed a new perspective. LOVE your delightful work space – and your positive attitude. All will be well!
    Much love❣️ Kay

  • Barbara S Allen

    Glad that things are working out. I have down sizing in my future and am dreading it. Congratulations on getting through it. All the best. I have voted.

  • Torild

    Linda, you are a true artist! Your pictures is absolutely breathtaking.
    It looks like you and Marshall have made this apartment into a new beautiful home.
    I am looking forward to seeing it in person.
    What a fantastic job you guys have done, and I bet Toby found his new place very comforting.


    Linda! An appartment designed by LA Interiors….awesome lucky you!!1
    Seriously how charming is that office….we have the same green Anduze pots!
    Love them.
    Why don’t you consider documenting the appartment and what you’ve done to it with photos on your blog. If anyone could fix a white box of a room (all 70’s appartments) it is vous!!! Do it do it…I’d love to see!
    Also I am sorry for your delay…how annoying to say the least….BUT aren’t you the smart one to go for the gratitude? Thanks for sharing the journey….”Marilyn sends snuggles to Toby”…… Blessings, Marla

  • Joan von Weien

    Linda! Wow, what a turnabout in plans, with a new focus, and immersed in gratitude! This has been a year of this. Can’t wait to see what next you turn into gold!

    Love your guy with the sweet face! Toby? He is adapting well, since he is with his peeps!

    Am still in The Netherlands, have voted from here with tracking measures, and enjoying being with family. New experiences, new life!

    Many great thoughts for your adventures…

  • Jean Bennett

    Onward and upward Linda!! I admire your resilience, your new space looks amazing and God willing, we will all weather the storm of these trying times and find that wonderful light at the end of the tunnel!! 🙂 Please tell me that you still have that amazing painting of the lady with the horse?? I can’t imagine that you would part with her. I would love to try to copy that 🙂 Toby’s sweet little face warms my heart 🙂 Stay safe & well…

    Blessings, Jean

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