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What a week this has been for America. There is so much I want to say but instead I am sharing a poem by Shannon Wills that expresses my feelings more eloquently than I can. Toby and I had fun finding and making images to go with Shannon’s simple yet profound words. We hope you enjoy. And in complete appreciation of all the people that voted in our country – God Bless America!

I Voted

I voted today.

I dropped my heart into the ballot
And cast my vote for the world I
want to see.

I voted for country over party,
And planet over country.

Linda Applewhite's sweet dog, Toby

I voted for everyone, and their dog.

I voted for the ancestors,
And the dreams they prayed we
would fulfill.

Linda AppleWhite's friends

I voted for the children,
Carnivals and innocence and joy.

Man weaving cloth

I voted for the elders,
Soft wisdom, busy hands weaving
webs of time.


I voted for the Divine Feminine
To rise again and take her throne.

Image of the moon

I voted for the moon.

image of ancient moon

I voted for owls and crows and
croaking toads
And ancient forests teeming with life.

image of the sunset

I voted for the Great Spirit
To guide us toward our rightful
At the feet of the sacred,
Through the gates of conscience,
That we may find our way back

image of heart

And of course, I voted for love.

Now what to do
But wait for the ballots to be

image of roaring river

Meanwhile, rivers roar, bones rattle,
Past and future ages hold their

They are waiting to see
If our hearts will reawaken…
Eyes open and ears pricked
Songs on the tips of their tongues,
Ready to welcome us back to the
chorus of life.

I voted today.
I voted for you and me, free.

image of women holding the flag

I voted that we’ll make it
Back home together, alive.

— Shannon Wills

And speaking of the moon, a good friend sent me this stunning video of the Moonrise behind the Byron Bay Lighthouse in South Wales, Australia. It feels very appropriate for this moment in time. Enjoy – Hallelujah!

Linda & Tobywan-Kenobi

For the love of our democracy and the right to vote,

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    OMG that photo of you and Toby….so dang sweet. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and let us know how the remodel is going. Or the permits are going!!! Blessings, Marla

  • Jane Hartling

    DITTO! I love the poem and will personalize it with my own meaningful images. Great idea! Thank you for sharing this.

  • Laura Mirelez

    Thank you for the Beautiful poem, love it!!! Cute pic of you and Tobey!!! what a cutie! Best to your remodel and sending you PEACE.

  • Lori Perlman

    Chills and thrills! Thank you for sharing the perfect poem and extraordinary video. As Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” began with the tip of the rosy-peach moon peeking above the horizon, unexpected chills began, never stopping until the glorious end. How thrilling and beautiful it is to unite the visual with the auditory! Feeling gratitude and hope for better days ahead.

  • Nancy

    Lovely and moving.

  • bob lewis

    …whew!!!…we dodged that bullet…

  • Lynn

    Moving words so beautifully illustrated, Linda. It has been quite a week and this was one of my favorite poems to emerge. Love the pic of you and Toby!

  • Liz Nichols

    From Hieronymus Bosch to this. Couldn’t be happier. And! Finally a woman in the White House. All is right with the world now.

  • Gail Harris

    Loved the poem and the breathtaking moonrise. Thank you so much for sharing both. We are now in Maine for the summers and Savannah for the winter–got here just in time to see GA turn blue. If your travels should take you to either place (once we all start traveling again) please let me know!! Stay safe and healthy. Big hugs and lots of love, Gail

  • Jenny Duffy

    La luna… bella luna

  • Dennis Owens

    Loved the poem!!!

  • Molly

    Oh my goodness what you sent strikes such a chord in
    My soul and being. Thank you!! We all basically want
    The same thing and need to work together.

    You’re such a blessing Linda! And what a beautiful family
    And furries.

    We’re so grateful for you. May your Thanksgiving
    Be full of the love and laughter of family and friends.


  • Ann Kirchofer

    Well said!💙✨

  • Judith Jones

    Linda, every little single thing about your blog was perfect – the patriotism, the hope, the love of who we are as a country, the music, the visuals, the photos, the colors and did I say the music of the Cohen “Hallelujah”? It was an emotional week for sure but I just kept believing in our Higher Power vote by vote. You’re just awesome, Linda and thank you. Judith Jones, Boise (Blue Girl, Red State)

  • Joan

    Your poetry prompts me to quietly celebrate…….

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Santa Fe photo by Linda Applewhite