What are the newest colors for 2017? The answer is in your eyes.

I have a theory about color. After decades of working with people in their homes, I believe wholeheartedly that the colors people resonate with are often found in their own nature – their eyes, hair and skin tone. I have seen this reflected in the hues people choose to wear, but not always in the colors they fill their homes with. I think people are often influenced by the latest trends, or perhaps what designers, paint companies, Houzz and the media tell them are the “in” colors.

My eyes are green and yellow with small flecks of red. My hair varies from gold to bronze. And my skin tone, as seen in the palms of my hands, is orange with hints of red, pink, yellow and apricot. What are the colors in your eyes? There are often several colors visible in our eyes as there are in our hair and the palms of our hands. Take a look in the mirror and study the various shades in your eyes and hair. Even if you color your hair, on some level you have chosen that color for a reason. Study the palms of your hands – you will be amazed with the variety of colors they often present. Chances are you would not only look good wearing those colors, but they also would be healing, nurturing and life enhancing to surround yourself with in your home.

Instead of filling your home with the “in” colors like everyone else does, fill it with colors expressed in your own nature. You will live in harmony.

Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment. ~Claude Monet

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